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Study and Review

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Click the map below for a fun video on the 7 continents!


Image result for 7 continents'







Third Graders Study Vocabulary for Government! 

click link above to check it out! 




These third graders had no idea what

word was attached to their head!  They had to walk

around and give each other as many clues as possible

until each student was able to guess

the word on their forehead.


Review Citizenship-click on the picture links below!



The Six Pillars of Character®

Six Pillars



Interview Questions


Do you think you are a good citizen? Why?



What do you do at school to show good citizenship?



How do you think your friends can show good citizenship?



What do you volunteer to do at home or in your community to show good citizenship?





There are many qualities that make a good citizen.

Children from around the Country explain what they think makes a good citizen. Can you think of any more ?

Review ECONOMICS by clicking below





Review your Government by clicking below!



Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids (Image Map)




   Let's Go to City Hall, kids in bus






How To Read A Map song:



Compass Rose

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