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Videos and Pics

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 cinema marquee



another animated thatre usher

Back To School





Picture Day 




Happy Halloween






Happy Holidays




Little Red School House




Happy Valentines Day!












Want to learn the MOONWALK?
Click on the pic!


How To Cuddle An Elephant Seal

(Get a FREE BOOK PICK from Scholastic! See activities below the video!)
Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 87c9c9451c6447df84f4327ff0652175
Activities to do with this video:
Bring in your completed activity for a FREE BOOK PICK!
 1. Name as many DESCRIPTIVE words as you can (at least 15) about the
video's setting and characters, using 5 senses! Use the words to create a cool VISUAL
of the words!
2. Write a REALISTIC Fictional Narrative about the video using DIALOGUE.
3. Describe the HABITAT in which the seal is living. What do you think it
eats? How does it survive? Do you think there is any danger?
4. See if you can locate South Georgia on a map.
Notice there are penguins in the background.
Where do penguins live?
Print out a map and color in the exact location of this video.
What continent is it?
 Label the continent!
(Hint: it is NOT the United States!)

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